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The Benefits


Innovative Ground Screw System for Garden Room,
Decking and Fence Foundations


The Garden Bothy Company is an advocate of the Stop Digging system, which is a highly effective, robust system for creating a solid, level base for your garden room, decking or fencing.  It uses ground screws rather than concrete and is quicker, cheaper, easier on your garden and can be installed at any time of the year.


How Does it Work?

Ground screws are bored into the ground creating a solid, level framework to build the building or structure’s base on. It is a quick and tidy procedure and much less damaging to your surrounding environment than a concrete base.


What is the Process?


  • First, our expert team precisely measure out the site, mark the positioning of the screws and check you are happy with the proposed location of the foundation.

  • We then pre-drill the holes in the ground to check for any potential problems and to set out accurate positioning for the ground screws.

  • The ground screws are then vertically driven into the pre-drilled holes and adjusted to the correct level height.

  • And that is it done – all ready for the building base to go on top.

Take a look at our video to see the Stop Digging System and our experienced team in action.


Saving Time and Minimising Damage

Unlike having a concrete foundation, with the Stop Digging system you do not have to have your lawn or paving dug up.  The system only impacts the small area where each screw sits, resulting in minimal damage. For example, if your new garden office is to go in a cobblestoned area, we can actually just lift out the stones where the screws are to go, and only drill there.


We can also put the screws through surfaces such as tarmac or existing wooden decking, so you do not have to spend time and money dismantling them.


As soon as the screws are in place, we can get on with installing your garden room, decking or fencing, so you can be enjoying your new outdoor space sooner.



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